1370th Photo Mapping Group, Palm Beach AFB, FL(1952-1958)

1370th PMG STORY


Submitted By Manson Polley



Submitted By Al Walcker

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Click HERE for Terry Gust Photos of OP IVY-1952

Click HERE for Howard D. Ritter Photos

Thanks To Bill Jones Sr., and Jr., For These Photos


Thanks to Dale Kingsbury and Wells Huff for this DEW Line info

3935th Mapping and Charting Squadron

Click HereFor 1372nd M and C Squadron

Thanks to Roy Velvick for these photos

Thanks to C.J."Greg" Gregoire for these photos


Thanks to Pete Kessinger for this photo

Pete and jeep, polar ice cap, 1956

Thanks to Ray Monahan for this photo

Click HERE for how to operate a Haiti ground station in 1952

ClickHEREfor Chuck Hart's discription of Photomapping in 1954

Click HereFor Operating Location Sheepdog #4, 1961

Thanks to E.J. Mahoney, and TAFB 'Photomapper'for these files



These Pictures Submitted By Fred Bayse

Tom Fenton, Comm Center at Naussau, BWI Fred the Camel Driver

RB-50 Flightline Ops Building in 1975

Hank Silvia submitted this photo showing the old RB-50 Flightline Ops as it was in 1975. BTW, the crashed aircraft was his work also, as he said'I put the airplane in the water off runway 9 about a mile out and swam in.'

  A/3C Jerry Wheeler-1371st M and C Sq., PBAFB, FL,  DEC 1955 Palm Beach AFB Flight Line-DEC 1956 

These pictures were submitted by Jerry Wheeler

RB-50F 47-0128 Controls Lock Up During Test Flight
Stories submitted by Jerry Wheeler

Story-RB-50F 47-0128 Controls Lock-up During Test Flight=1958 More of the story Still More The rest of the story

1370th Photo Mapping Group Documents

The following documents were submitted by Dean Williams,son of David L. Williams, RB-50F Flight Engineer

The following documents were submitted by John Hampton, Photographer, 1371st M and C Sq.

Photomapper class at Lowry AFB, CO, ready to board an RC-47 for training flight. John Hampton, 1371st M and C Sq. Aerial Photographer, in flight


Operation Hardtack Patch Special Order Transferring RB-50 Crew To Eniwietok, Marshall Islands. For 'Operation Hardtack' Operation Hardtack Chain of Command

Operation Hardtack Personnel Operation Hardtack Personnel 2 Operation Hardtack Personnel 3 Operation Hardtack Personnel 4 Operation Hardtack Personnel 5

1370th PMG JAN-JUN 1958

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