Boeing RC-135A

This photo submitted by Butch Helig

This photo submitted by Terry Gust

Jimbo found these


These photos were submitted by Terry Gust

   RC-135A 63-8058 RC-135A 63-8061     

This photo submitted by Terry Gust

The following articles were submitted by Terry Gust-From the May 1966 MAC Flyer

RC-135A- May 1966 MAC Flyer RC-135A- May 1966 MAC Flyer RC-135A- May 1966 MAC Flyer

RC-135A- May 1966 MAC Flyer RC-135A- May 1966 MAC Flyer RC-135A- May 1966 MAC Flyer

1st RC-135A Undergoes Inspection 1st RC-135A Undergoes Inspection

The following article and photos confirms the current location of four Photomapping RC-135A's. So they are back where they started.

Submitted By Terry Gust


Thanks to Jerry Saieg and Terry Gust for this rare Pre-ACGS photo of RC-135A 63-8060 at Samoa

Plus pictures of a scale model of 8060 that Charlie Johnson built for Terry Gust

Rare Pre-ACGS RC-135A 63-8060 at Samoa




Thanks to Don Earlywine for the 1st RC-135A pictures

And many thanks to Jim 'Sharkey' Pruette, for finding them

But this one is 1370th, APCS, not AGCS

Photo By Rich Reynolds

Hello. I'm George Horn*, the historian for the Air Force Photo Mapping Association. Our records show serials (63-8058, 8059, 8060, and 8061)for the four RC-135As assigned to the 1370th Photo Mapping Wing at Forbes AFB, KS, in 1967 (first delivery in October). Although nine were ordered, only these four were built; 63-8062 through 8066 were canceled.

As to their fates, after mapping satellites assumed the photo mapping mission in 1969, the four RC-135As were relegated to "hack" roles. Although they retained their RC-135A designation, they served as "demodified tanker/logistics support, cargo carrier, and troop transport aircraft, sometimes referred to as "command support aircraft (CSA)." By 1970, 63-8059 was assigned to the 55th Strat Recon Wg at Ofutt AFB as a CSA. By 1972, the other three had been similarly demodified.

By 1973, 63-8060 was in storage at MASDC, Davis-Monthan AFB, but on 30 June 1978, she was loaned to the Arizona ANG at Phoenix. On 19 July 1978, 63-8058 was loaned to the Maine ANG at Bangor.

In 1979, all four RC-135As were scheduled for programmed depot maintenance input under program R-Q6076(1) for modification as KC-135Ds. The last we heard, they were assigned to the 305th AREFW at Grissom AFB, IN.

* George passed away on 28 FEB 2001, he will be missed.


RC-135 3 View Proposed RC-135A in 1963