These images were submitted by Terry Gust
Shows RC-130A camera configuration and general aircraft layout

Equipment Diagram Airborne Hiran Sys Oblique Camera Photo Station Convergent Camera Hiran Recorder Hiran Indicator

These YC-130's were NOT Photomapping aircraft, but were similar to PMW RC-130A 54-1632

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RC-130A 54-1632

RC-130A 57-0510 RC-130A 57-0511 RC-130A 57-0512 RC-130A 57-0513 RC-130A 57-0514

RC-130A 57-0515 RC-130A 57-0516 RC-130A 57-0517 RC-130A 57-0518 RC-130A 57-0519

RC-130A 57-0520 RC-130A 57-0521 RC-130A 57-0522 RC-130A 57-0523 RC-130A 57-0524

RC-130A Cockpit

Herky Jock Office

C-130 Turns 50

On August 23, 2004, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules had it's 50th Birthday.

Gene Miller , 1372nd & 1375th M&C Sqs., 1956 -1965, submitted these C-130 news articles written by Ed Corson, former 1371st M and C Squadron member. The articles were originally published in The Telegraph, Macon, GA

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Lockheed-Georgia's Hercules Nears 50 50 Years of flying C-130's More Herculean Feats

Early 60's Flight Crews

1370th PMW Wing Commander Col. George Humbrecht and RC-130A Crew RC-130A 57-0514-Jim Kyle and crew-1962 RC-130A 57-0515-Dale Peckman and crew-1961 RC-130A 57-0521-Charlie Lyon and crew-1962 RC-130A 57-0523-Tillman Burks and crew-1960

This picture by John W.R. Taylor, was found in Illustrated History Of Aircraft, © 1977

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