Boeing RB-50F

Photo Mapping RB-50's







Terry Gust submitted photos of 47-0158(burned at Eniwetok), Thanks, Terry, for completing the set of 16.


Since there are no flyable RB-50F's in existance, this Flight Simulation video, starring 1370th RB-50F 47-0146 is as good as it gets. Large Download, but WORTH IT!!!!!

Ray Monahan Photo

ClickHERE for RB-50F Manual T.O. 1B-50(R)F-1

Submitted By Terry Gust 9FEB05

This RB-50 History was compiled by the late George Horn


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RB-50 Serial #'s

B-50 Cockpit Pix From USAF Museum Archives
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 Didn't Happen, see next photo  Final RB-50 Mission Boeing B-50 was a valuable asset during the Cold War

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