Sidney DeBoer


In 2011 it was discovered that the AFPMA copy of the book "Army Air Force Geodesy In World War II" was missing. A call went out to all members looking for that copy or a replacement. Sidney DeBoer, a contributing author of the book, graciously offered a pristine replacement copy-still in its original wrapping. Sid was one of the original "Geodets" charged with establishing and photographically recovering photo-identifiable, astronomic control stations around the world to be used in controlling aeronautical charts during WWII. He worked throughout North Africa and the Middle East during 1942 and 1943. Later, in civilian life, Sid chose a career in education, retiring as Chairman of the Math and Science Department, Battle Creek, Michigan Community College (now Kellogg Community College). He has for many years been associated with the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory-first as a student and later a teacher and researcher. At his current (2011) age of 95, he continues this relationship.

In arranging his gift of the book, he and AFPMA member Gordon Barnes decided to get together and swap lies about their days in Photomapping. The accompanying picture was taken in Sid's home in Battle Creek in September 2011. They are holding the vanity plate Sid proudly displayed on his car for many years.

7th GCS, 311th RECON Wing

C-47 Crash In Argentina, 3DEC1945






Mike Birch Photos of 1st Photo Charting Squadron


1st Photo Charting Squadron, Bradley Field CT

Went on to be

1st Photo Charting Squadron, West Africa

Then Became The

7th AAF Geodetic Control Squadron, 311th Reconnaissance Wing.

Hi Jim:

 The 7th Geodetic Link to the AFPMA seemed so bare. Most of the early Geodets have since passed on and I thought a few pictures, at this late date, would enhance the memories of this group. All pictures are from West Africa( Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, Nigeria,etc.The Geodets then moved on to Oran, Algeria, and throughout the Middle East. They were taken in late 1943 or early 1944. I'm sure most of the shots were in the West Africa Region. The 3 man crew, I was a part of ,consisted of Pritske, Williams and me. We worked Nigeria just prior to going to Oran.I recently discovered these pictures of the 1st Photo Charting Squadron. The name was later changed to the 7th AAF Geodetic Control Squadron and we were the original Geodets that were in Africa in 1943. Lt. Col.Ralph Woodworth was in command. I am the first standing, Row 2.

Henry Rich

1st PCS, Bradley Field, CT 1943


1PCS, West & North Africa, Middle East










Ivory Coast


Oran, Algeria


Thanks To Bill Solomon For These Photos




1st PCS Photos From Africa(Unidentified). Please notify the webmaster if you can ID any of these.






1st PCS R and R Sightseeing Photos

The Pyramids at Giza, Egypt Cheops Pyramid Unknown Fortification in Africa Maybe Mt. Etna, Sicily Maybe Mt. Etna, Sicily Aerial View of Taj Mahal, India Taj Mahal, India

Don Nisbett and the Pacusan Dreamboat

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Operation Crossroads Kwajalein Atoll 1946


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 7th Geodetic Control Squadron Group Photo 7th GCS Patch 7th GCS Sign    

Art's Class A Pass

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Transfers from 7th Geodetic Squadron to 322nd Strat Recon Squadron, 91st Strat Recon Group, Barksdale AFB, LA, 6 JUL 1950


The Measurer-Carl Ingman Aslakson-Biography