The 3rd Mapping Squadron was formed in the Fall of 1941 in the basement of Austen Hall at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, AL.

These photos from Bill Menig, 3rd Photo Mapping Squadron

This patch adapted from a Bill Menig photo, and colorized by Jimbo





The 3rd Mapping Squadron Macdill Field, FL, 1942

3rd Photo Mapping Squadron Group Photo

Merry Christmas From the 3rd PMS, MacDill Field, FL, 1942

Good Doin' Chow Honored Guests Honored Guests Honored Guests

On the way to Brasil, 1942 7 Photographers, 1 Camera 8 Pilots, 1 B-34 At Borinquen Army Air Field, Puerto Rico, 1942, enroute to Brasil That's a heavy camera, John 3rd PMS F-2's(RC-45) at Bahia, BR, spring of 1942


  As we were leaving Tampa for South America one of our Lockeed B-34's crashed at MacDill killing our CO and six other members of the crew.

John McGlohan was in the 3rd PMS from 1941-1945.Thanks for the photos, John